Swift spray
Sanitizing chamber

Well designed for minimum consumption with maximum coverage

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus IS the recently discovered, it is one of the deadliest infectious diseases of the century. It plants itself on to the lungs of its host and suffocates them. So that’s why we recommend sanitizer spray for home use as well.

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Disinfection is the opposite of the infection, it may involve the use of physical process or chemical indicators for sterilization to decrease, detach, deactivate or destroy any pathogenic micro-organisms. Sterilization procedures are very crucial while putting a stop to the spread of micro-organisms or bacteria between animals, between locations and from the people. You could place sanitizer dispenser every where at home and office to make them easily accessible.

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Why disinfection is important?

Disinfection involves the use of physical or chemical processes to reduce, remove, inactivate or destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Disinfection procedures arecrucial in controlling the Spread or transfer of microorganisms between animals,between locations,
or to people.

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The Disinfectant tunnel easy to install, relocate with low maintenance and high effective results

Removes micro-organisms and viruses from your skin and garments.

Equipped with sensors that start and stop automatically

The sterilizer machine is safe for any individual or any animal

The sterilizer machine is safe for any individual or any animal

The unit is equipped with Sanitizer spray to disperse evenly so there aren’t any dead zone areas.