Function of the Swift Spray

The chemical indicators for sterilizationis quite easy to set up, and they are operable at anywhere at any time. They are usually set outside on the main entrance and the main exits to prevent any sort of micro-organism to spread inside a facility. The classier versions of the Disinfectant tunnel can be equipped with much advancer techs such as the Thermal Imaging Sensors which makes it easy to identify any individuals with high fever or any sort of raised temperatures. They are connected to a high pressure spray machine which is connected to the spray nozzles that disperse the commercial sanitizer of the things passing through.

Motion sensors are included to the chamber at the entry and exit points, so when entering the sanitizing chamber, the motion sensors capture motion and activates the disinfectant chemicals which are sprayed thoroughly from the nozzles in a state of microdroplets creating a mist/fog.


Once placed inside the chamber, thesterilization indicators check out the packages, vehicles and individuals and makes sure they are sprayed on with disinfectant chemicals to assure sterilization.

The motion sensor once sensing the exit of the items and individuals turns off the disinfectant spray, to avoid wastage of electricity and disinfecting chemicals.

Easy to install, relocate with low maintenance and high effective results

Removes micro-organisms and viruses from your skin and garments.

Equipped with sensors that start and stop automatically

Safe for any individual or any animal

Thermal Imaging Scanner can be integrated with these units

The unit is equipped with Spray nozzles to disperse evenly so there aren’t any dead zone areas.