Travel Advice

Avoid traveling to affected areas

Avoid traveling if you seem to have fever and cough

If you feel sick while travelling pursue medical care instantly


Rinse hands with water and soap/sanitizer spray for home, at least 20 seconds

Avoid touchingyour eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands

Exercise social distance

Wash hands with water and soap/sanitizer, at least 20 seconds

Avoid eating raw food, thoroughly cook meat and eggs


Stay at home

Avoid contact with any living being and things

Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief or elbow when sneezing, dispose the handkerchief.

Wear a medical mask

Keep Items and surfaces clean

The corona virus has taken over the world by surprise and it keeps on growing even though the world went on full lockdown state. People suffering from cough, fever and shortness of breath kept on struggling. These sanitizer spray for homeare supposed to increase the quick safety and prevent any bacteria from growing with in.


Individuals were requested to avoid contact with the affected areas, or avoid going out if face such certain symptoms like fever or cough. They were required to usebody sanitizer spray has been distributing.


Prevention of the deadly infectious decease required sterilizer machine which would secure the area from any sort of micro-organism. The high pressure spray machine would disperse approved disinfectants thoroughly all over our body and the other material which was set up for sterilization.